Essay On Why Police Should Wear Body Cameras

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Although officers claim they aren’t as unprofessional as everyone says, many people beg to differ. A lot of people have evidence on how they were mistreated, and how the officers weren’t at all professional. Others have been killed and seriously injured, but the idea is still up in the air after several years. To protect themselves, and others around them, police officers should be forced to wear body cameras while they’re in a case or are talking to a suspect while on duty.
Having to wear body cameras would be a positive way to help the authorities to see the truth better than just having to listen to the voice recorder. It will give everyone clear footage, and protect both the officer and everyone else. The footage given through the …show more content…

By helping to make this a law, you can help them get the facts right. You can help save others who might fall victim as well.
Having police wear cameras can help everyone. It can help police by either falsely accusing them of police brutality. It can put an end to accusers playing victim so they can get out of something they did wrong. It will also help those who speak the truth. Those who truly haven’t done anything wrong, but the police got snippy with them. The behavior shown by everyone being taped tones will change, knowing they are being taped. The weight of having one of them will be almost none at all. The complaints will not happen as often as they are occurring today. (Rasmussen College)
Being able to actually see the true thing about what happened between police officer and citizens. The decisions that are made can be seen and evaluated in intense situations. They will be able to see if the false claims are true to what happened. All victim and witness statements will be recorded. It has valuable evidence that can be used in court if they are taken to court. (Safety Vision Mobile Video Surveillance

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