Why Prostitution Should Not Be Legal

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Shelby Pender
Honor English III
26 February 2018 Why should prostitution not be legal? Prostitution should not be legal for many reasons. The main reason are violence and rape. Diseases are also a main reason. Prostitutes are abducted and beaten daily by pimps. They are also held hostage in homes or warehouses. Prostitution affects many women around the world with mental and physical abuse. (would) Prostitution is one of the biggest and richest businesses in the world. It makes around 186 billion dollars worldwide. Each woman can be sold for about 90 dollars. Children can go for more. I think that this is wrong, and that sex should be kept in marriage. I also think it would lessen sex trafficking. (would) Prostitutes work for mostly drugs. Statistics say that 16% of prostitutes steal money or other things from the customers. 75% of prostitutes were also abused as children and it leads to the drug abuse and life style changes. This shows how parents can affect their kids with verbal or physical abuse. I think that parents should treat their children better so that we can avoid this. (Statistic) I also believe a reason it should not be legal is because some women that are involved
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About 250 prostitutes are having unprotected sex and are spreading it. The women that are affected with it cannot receive the help they need. Diseases and problems like this is the biggest problem and why it should not be legalized. (would) Immigration is also a big reason. Immigrants are abducted and taken to American to be old every day. This shows that prostitution leads to human trafficking. I think this is sad because women should not be the ones who get in trouble and deported for something they could not control. They were also taken from their homes and moved across the world to be abused and taken advantage of. The immigrants would also be fined and could serve jail time for this even if it was not their
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