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Why did the most dominant and strong empire of its time “fall”? Rome came falling down for many reasons like plague, natural disaster, weak army, many rulers dying, and the lack of social justice. In this essay I will be talking about the key points on how Rome fell. Rome fell because of plague,weak military, and because people were not happy with the government and taxes. In my opinion Rome fell because of a weak army which was caused during the Pax Romana, a period of about 200 years that was very peaceful. Rome at one time had a very strong and dominant army, that is one of the main reasons Rome became the most powerful empire in the world. “But when, because of negligence and laziness, parade ground drills were abandoned, the customary…show more content…
This caused them to lose many lives due to this. Natural disasters like an earthquake and flood killed many and them, then plague wiped out thousands of people. This caused Rome to become weak because many people in the army died and many people that helped run Rome died. But then because of the floods and earthquake it killed many people and destroyed many things which really put Rome in a tight spot. “The second year of the reign of Valens (366 CE)... the Roman world was shaken by a violent and destructive earthquake.” “But the tide soon returned with the weight of an immense flood which was severely felt on the coast of sicily, Greece, and Egypt… Fifty thousand persons had lost their lives in the flood.” After Rome lost 50,000 people in the flood the plague killed thousands more. “The resulting disease decimated the population. The population of Rome decreased from a million people to 250,000.” This disease caused the population to decrease severely, and most of the people in the army died as well so they had very little and weak military power.All of these things are happening to Rome and it is causing them to become very weak and have almost no military power because know they only have 250,000 people in all of Rome compared to what they used to have, 1 million. All of this helped play a significant role in the fall of

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