Essay On Why School Should Be Allowed Phones In School

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Phones are an important part of helping kids at the school and making it easier for kids in school. Schools are allowing phones in classes for tools. Some of the schools are thinking about it, but are not sure because kids would get distracted in class. Most schools don’t allow phones because it 's a distraction and kids won’t listen in class but all schools should allow phones because kids could communicate better and their phones could be used as tools to help them. They can help find resources faster than computer.
Smartphones should be used at the school for research and for kids to have a quick way of searching materials they need for their work. Kids at the schools use their phone as something fast to look up. For an example, kids might use their phones in art class to get an idea that they might want to draw, also if they didn’t have one, the teacher would have to let the kids use their computer to see the idea and think of her having to let all of teachers
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Students are not allowed to use phones in school because they would get too distracted to listen to the teacher or do their work. But schools should allow phones because it could be a great learning tool. It helps kids interact with other kids also help kids with work they have to do. Students from schools should have a chance to use their phones.It can aid them in many ways like kids looking for drawing ideas that they could practice with. It could also help students with them moved to another school and don 't know anyone at their new one. They could have something in common with someone else in the school like social media and they could become better friends and make new friends. It 's also important that they only use it as tools and not on video games. If kids work with phones at school, it could possibly make them less stressful.Without phones, kids might get more overwhelmed with work and need a lot of help but just will get stressful about all the work they have to do in all of their
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