Essay On Why Schools Should Be Able To Search

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There has been over 250 school shootings in the past 3 years. Imagine if your child went to a school with no safety and one day and there’s a school shooting, and your child is shot. How would someone react?This is why schools should be able to search students whenever they want to. Schools should be able to search students whenever they want to because the school has to be safe, the schools own the lockers, and the school acts as the parents when the students are at school. A huge priority of school is that students should be kept safe, and that happens from staff being allowed to search students. In 2013 a Company called “Everytown” did some research about gunfire in schools. During this research, they found out that from 2013 to 2015 there were about 200 firearm related incidents in the USA. These incidents included fatal and nonfatal assaults, suicides, and unintentional shootings. 53 percent of these attacks happened at K-12 schools and 47 percent happened at college and universities. In over half of…show more content…
In an article written by Missy J. Talbot called “Backpack and Locker Searches in Public High Schools”. In this she explains how schools own lockers and how they can be searched whenever. Lockers belong to the school, they are school property. The schools would be allowed to search and seize whatever is in the lockers since they own them. Schools have the right to search anything that they own. If a student has something on their phone and the school suspects something of it, they could be allowed to search it when in school. The lockers are school property so when they smell something different they could search it. Also the desks and bathrooms are school property so if they smell or sense anything odd about the bathrooms or your desk they are allowed to search it. In conclusion the lockers can be searched by the school at anytime whether they like it or
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