How Did Slavery Cause Secession

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‘Slavery was the root cause of secession’.
‘November 6 1860, Lincoln was elected president of America which resulted in panic emerging in the South’ . The election of Lincoln as president who was a Republican leader meant that ideologies, movements and values from the North would be implemented in the South which meant the abolition of slavery. Slavery was a huge characteristic of the South as the economy; politics; social status and psychological mind-sets were influenced by the process of slavery. The southern white population then derived the idea of secession which meant the South would gain independence from Northern aggression . This essay will explore the reasons as to how and why secession occurred and whether slavery was the main
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Slavery was a manner in which the which population were supervised and controlled; kept illiterate and unskilled as education meant that the black population could identify themselves as more than just cheap labour. White southerners were afraid that the black population would disrupt their social status and economy as the black population would be able to compete with poor whites for jobs and be on an equal base with them. The abolishment of slavery aroused a sense of fear amongst the white southerners as they were scared the black slaves would massacre their families, insurrection as seen in Richmond in the 1800 and eventually start a war . Another reason for the secession was not only motivated the belief that blacks wear inferior to the white race, the economy of the Deep South was also a huge…show more content…
Secessionists then grew to acknowledge that in order for secession to become successful, ties to any political parties or the political process would have to be severed as Lawrence M. Keitt said, “Loyalty to the party is treason to the South” . However the Upper South; Tennessee, North Carolina, Arkansas, Virginia and Missouri; felt that they had stronger ties to the union than to secession which is why the Upper South had never really shown any support to secession. Republicans also played a huge role in orchestrating the secession between the North and the
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