Essay On Why Smoking Should Be Banned

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Working Title: Smoking: Banning the last of the self-destructive breed
Topic Description: The smoking ban debate has raged for the past three decades. Every other time, governments have made concessions that have allowed the sale and consumption of cigarettes to continue. The concessions occur in the face of overwhelming evidence that shows the amount of harm that cigarettes do to the human body and its ability to affect even non-smokers. Gains have been made over the last two decades with the ban on smoking in public areas and tightening of restrictions on sales and advertising. Cigarettes smoking kills more than 480,000 Americans each year including 41,000 due to second-hand smoke. Smoking costs the taxpayer up to 170 billion in direct medical costs. By banning cigarettes, governments will provide grounds for the first step in slowing of the effects of smoking in the general population. With time people will move on the other vices or healthier alternative options. Thereby realizing savings in terms of health care and rehabilitation costs that can be diverted towards profitable economics activities.
Working Thesis: Smoking should be banned
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Mckee et al starts by stating the importance of banning smoking in the public places. It clearly states that smoking in bars and restaurants is the main cause of premature deaths in the United Kingdom. The real fight has always been between the government and the tobacco processing companies where the companies are in most cases backed by the hospitality industry. The authors state that much as there is public willingness to ban smoking in the public places, there lacks political straightforwardness to put this into action. They point out that all public places should be smoke free if ever we want to reduce health risks on people. One solution brought out clearly is building smoking rooms in all restaurants to ensure that smokers do it in a separate place to avoid the second-hand smoke

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