Essay On Why Student Athletes Should Be Paid

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Elven billion dollars! The non-profit organization known as the NCAA makes around elven billion each year form the hard work of college athletes in the U.S and not a dime goes to them. It’s a horrible but true fact that had struck me I found out. The NCAA is a non-profit organization that was founded by President Roosevelt in 1905 with the idea of not paying student-athletes that took part in its events. However, as time passed the organization become larger and started to take advantages of social media and other forms of sending information which made it become very popular. However, with all the changes going on in the company they still refuse to pay their athletes what they deserve. This company is taking advantage of the youth and are exploiting them for their own gains. The students should be paid for their commitment and hard work, for the popularity and money they bring to schools, injures and because the money can used for educational purposes. The reality of life is that these induvial are taken advantage of and it’s not right. The average student athlete works more the 90 hours just maintain their scholarship and go to school. Student-Athletes are worked to the bone in practices and games taking up at least 40 hours during the week…show more content…
They work hard and long for absolutely no pay and are demand a lot, it’s not fair that these young students are being taken advantage of. It just like manipulating a child to do what you want, it’s wrong and unethical. I believe many others also agree with this situation. More and more people are starting to speak up against the manpulatualtion of college athletes in America as a result, I hope that one day in the future the young athletes of America would be treated justly and with

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