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Higher education is regarded as the way to achieve life ultimate goals: a decent job, wealth, etc. However, the process of knowledge acquisition in university itself, most of the time, does not ensure those successes, instead, it is something less abstract and easier to evaluate: educational achievements or grades, to be simple. Excellent academic performance is often indicated through high scores on tests or assignments. To have such achievement is a stressful process for most students as hard work, intense concentration and a certain level of cognitive ability are required. Therefore, a large number of students are being prompted to take the shortcut and cheat their ways to good grades. Unfortunately, as a saying goes “what comes easy won’t last, what lasts won’t come easy”, cheaters can get away and earn temporary success, but they ignore the long-term impacts that can take a serious toll on them, even beyond academic fields. From an economic point of view, cheating…show more content…
Some cheat to get ahead others in class, to have their résumé filled with excellent academic achievements, which increases their employability. Some cheat simply to pass the tests. By means of copying others’ works, using illegitimate materials during exams or getting other people to sit their tests for them, students might receive the scores they want. However, those results speak no more than mere numbers. Cheating might increase your grades but not your knowledge. It creates fake success. In terms of knowledge acquisition, desirable grades by cheating tricks students into thinking that they are smart and are making progress in class while they are actually the opposite. According to the aforementioned article on points out through the results of many studies and researches, cheating causes “self-deception”, the article gives a good example of

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