Essay On Single Gender Schools

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Have studies proved that segregating students by gender leads them to do better in school? Students learn better in single-gender schools. This is because in single gender schools, students tend to be able to concentrate more. Boys and girls are also academically different, so separating them by gender, would benefit students in their academics. Lastly, boys and girls feel less pressured in single-gender schools. Those are three main reasons why students do better in single-gender schools.

One reason why students do better in single-gender schools is because they are able to concentrate more. According to an article published by UCLA, boys are less competitive and more cooperative in single-gender environments. Students also, find it easier to connect to others that are the same gender as them according to University Language (a website). Lastly, girls and boys feel more comfortable when they’re around their own gender. This is because they don’t have to worry about how they look or what they say. This gives students more opportunity to participate in classroom discussions. That is according to the National Education
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According to an article published by UCLA, boys and girls develop at different rates. So, it would be more effective for students in single-gender schools, and it is more beneficial for their academic readiness. Which is according to a study published by the Connecticut Education Association. The differences in boys and girls brains reflect upon their behavior, learning, and development. So if they are put in a school with their own gender, they will learn to accept their differences, and not hide them. As stated in a book called The Female Brain by a neuropsychiatrist at the University of California, San Francisco named Louann Brizendine. That is another reason why single-gender schools are better for student’s
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