Essay On Why Students Should Be Mandatory

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High school is said to be the greatest four years of a student’s life. In high school, students have the opportunity to learn who they are and what they love to do. The only problem with this flawed idea is that students are required to participate in certain classes and work on things they have to do rather than things they are passionate about. If mandatory class requirements were no longer in effect, student would be more skilled at subjects they are passionate about. They also would have a larger opportunity to try new things and pursue topics that interest them.
Students are required to take classes every year in order to graduate from high school. These mandatory classes currently make up a large portion of a school’s curriculum. However, they are not as generous to students as they are to schools. As a result of these mandatory classes, students spend their precious minutes every day in classes that they are not interested in. In this day and age, students need to
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With mandatory classes comes extra work. As a student’s workload goes up, free time goes down. The presence of free time shouldn’t be a rare occurrence for high school students. Students work hard at school so they can go home and enjoy the rest of their day. They work hard so they can return home and play sports with friends, go swimming, or even sleep. Mandatory classes send school home with students, stopping them from doing things they love to do. They also stop students from trying new things. Free time during the week allows students to try things like, learning chess, dancing, or even watching a new show. These new interest students come into can influence their performance in school. Students can join clubs based off of these interests, or try a new class that relates to a new hobby. If mandatory classes were banned, students would experience high school in a new
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