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Have you ever considered why students should wear a school uniform? For a long time, scholars have debated worldwide, whether students should wear a school uniform or not. After a lot of research, I can evidently see that people still have diverse opinions about this subject as some people think that school uniform is essential, some are just fine with its existence, and some think it is useless. Have you ever wondered about being able to wake up every day, roll out of bed, put on the same clothes you wore the day before and head off to school? It would not only be able to save your time, but also cut concern about what to wear! It sounds too good to be true. Well, as time goes by, it’s becoming more popular in our society as school uniform has gone beyond public schools to private schools. The use of school uniform, has both positive and negative effects on students. The reasons behind this are that; Uniform can be expensive and may steal the student’s right of expression and freedom of choice. On the other hand, many are just fine with it and think it is essential because it helps eliminate the risk of bullying, erases the socio-economic differences, increases self-esteem, attendance, discipline, test scores, and teaches students how to dress up cleverly and take pride in their…show more content…
Furthermore, it helps increase attendance and self-esteem as many kids worry that they don't have "cool" clothes to wear and therefore will look unpleasant, deciding not to go to school. By using school uniform, it helps students reduce concern about what to wear and help them concentrate more on their learning by increasing focus on schoolwork and lowering distractions as everybody looks similar. Thus, this causes them to have a better understanding of the topic and achieve higher test scores as they concentrate less on what everyone is wearing and pay more attention to the lesson

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