Should Students Wear School Uniforms

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In recent years there has been big controversy over if students should or should not wear school uniforms. Since recent years it has become an issue with school trying to control students dress codes especially when it comes to the way the girl students are dressing. Like recently at a high school in ‘georgia a students came to school wearing a black dress and leggings and was sent home and forced to change because her dress was a little under her knee cap even though she had leggings and her legs was covered’(1). School uniforms first became really popular in the US in the year of’ 1800s’ and the US uniforms first started out as military uniforms because when children were taken from their families or were foster kids they had nothing else but military uniforms’ but in ‘England school uniforms became popular back all the way to the year of 1552’(2). During the time of the 1500’s most of the people were poor unless you were a king or a queen and they made very little money so the person who …show more content…

One of the reasons of why we should keep uniforms is the fact that it would ‘cost less instead of buying clothing all the time throughout the school year (5). Students also wouldn't have to worry about getting sent home because if there outfit isn’t dress code appropriate. ‘There is also studies showing that students can focus easier because there not paying attention to what everyone else is wearing and they can actually focus on what their school work(6). Also another good thing about school wearing uniforms is the fact that you won't be able to wear gang or inappropriate words or pictures on a shirt. Even though the students have to wear uniforms depending on the school they are still allowed to accessorise there uniforms with a scarf or a different color sock and they can accessorise their

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