Compare And Contrast Essay On The Mongols

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The Mongols The Mongols may have been barbaric in their methods of conquering territory, but they had a very civilized empire. They were extremely organized, and were able to gain access to trade with more empires and territories, in order to improve their economy. The Mongols were able to provide support for their empire, and managed to keep it stable for many years. The Mongol Empire was expansive, and required a very stable government. Great Khan was an intelligent ruler, and he proved this in his ability to expand his empire, maintain order, and fend off enemies. The Mongols had many complex layers of military. This demonstrated that they were an organized civilization, and were prepared to hold their own against potential invaders. The king’s messengers were provided with horses at every posting station (each station was twenty five miles apart), in order to travel along the roadways. Each station had a minimum of three hundred horses for the messenger to choose from. There were two hundred thousand horses stabled at the posts throughout the empire for Great Khan’s messengers to use. Great Khan also made sure that neighboring cities had ferries for the messengers to use, in the event of the need to cross a lake or a river. If the messengers had an important message for Great Khan, they would travel two hundred or more miles in a single day, in order to get the message to him. This displayed that the empire had…show more content…
This achievement took an incredible amount of organization and intelligence. Asia and Europe would likely be vastly different without the help of the Mongols. They may have had a very barbaric side to them, but they kept a stable empire and had many notable
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