Essay On Why Was World War 1 Inevitable

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No, I believe that World War 1 was not necessary and started due to conflicts that really even involve any of the big powers except Austria. Although it not inevitable, as there had not been a big European war for nearly a century, and there was no reason to believe that one was inevitable in 1914, even after the murder of the archduke Franz Ferdinand. There were a number of ways the war would have been avoided. First, Germany could have denied support for Austria. the Austrian ultimatum to Servia (July Ultimatum) was so harsh and if Germany was not offering unconditional help to Austria, it would have been a lot less harsh and insulting. The ultimatum would thus have been more softer in content and tone, and thus probably acceptable to Serbia,…show more content…
Even later, he thought the war had nothing to do with Britain and would be over quickly so he kept Britain neutral. If he had done something to make sure that it’s clear to Germany that any violation of Belgian territory would result in an automatic declaration of war by Britain, the Kaiser would not have been so keen to give Austria unconditional support against Serbia if he knew it would lead to war with Russia and its ally France. Germany was horrified when Britain declared war in 1914, having assumed that Britain would stay neutral. If they had known about Britain declaring war if Belgium was invaded, it’s doubtful that they would still continue to help Austria because of the threat to fight Britain and the other countries at the same time. To conclude, the war was simply a way to put international conflicts into a physical fight. There had not been a big war for a long time, but conflicts between countries existed. They used the murder of the archduke Franz Ferdinand as an excuse to start a war, but in reality there were so many ways that it could have been avoided and peace would be upon

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