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Why World War II is Justified

“ We well know that we cannot escape danger, or the fear of danger, by crawling into bed and pulling the covers over our head” said Franklin De Roosevelt. The main reason WWII started was because Hitler invaded Poland which broke the Treaty of Versailles that told them they couldn't have any more war. This drove Great Britain and France to declare war on Germany. After two years of fighting the Japanese attacked pearl harbor causing the United States to get involved. Then the United States needed to find a way to get revenge on Japan so they made an atomic bomb to drop on Japan. This bomb being dropped scared everyone and they surrendered and no longer wanted to fight. They realized they had been out done and …show more content…

At the end of WWI they decided to make a treaty agreeing that everyone would stop fighting and WWI would be over. Hitler decided he wanted to regain lost territory and ultimately rule their neighbor to the east so Germany invaded Poland which broke Treaty of Versailles. In the article “75 Years Ago Hitler Invaded Poland, Here's How it Happened” it says, “The short answer is that Adolf Hitler was a ruthless dictator with dreams of conquering all of Europe. Annexing Poland was a step in that larger plan.” Hitler had plans to do things that were breaking rules. People saw this happening and they wanted to stop Hitler so their only other option was to go to war. In the article “Hitler reoccupies the Rhineland, violating the Treaty of Versailles” it says, “However, just four years later, Adolf Hitler and the Nazi party seized full power in Germany, promising vengeance against the Allied nations that had force the Treaty of Versailles on the German people.” When Hitler went to go and take over Germany he made the Germans feel as if he was going to help them. After some time they had the full power of Germany and could do whatever they wanted. This made it so much harder because Hitler had taken over so much causing France and Great Britain to use extreme measures to fight him …show more content…

Japan wanted to attack Pearl Harbor in a definitive way. They wanted to prevent the United States Pacific Fleet from interfering with its planned military actions in Southeast Asia against oversea territories of the United Kingdom. The article, “Pearl Harbor”. It states, “More than 2,400 died in the attack including, and another 1,000 people were wounded.” This explains how the attack on Pearl Harbor was intended to hurt the United States and they killed thousands of people. The United States had to get their revenge because they weren't just going to let Japan attack them. Rob Citinno said “No moment in the history of the United States casts a longer shadow than Pearl Harbor. “Remembering” it has become a national imperative, a patriotic duty for the American people, and reminding us of that duty has become a ritual of media and political discourse—repeated so often and in so many ways that it’s become part of the routine of our communal life.” This attack is the reason the United States was involved in the war. If Japan had never attacked the United States then the United States would have never gone to war. After the United States went to war was when WWII got bad and started affecting everyone the

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