Argumentative Essay On What Makes Us Human

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After many studies scientist have found that humans might be one of the most unique species in the world. There are multiple reasons why we are unique, and their are multiple reasons why they made us our own species, and own category. We are considered Homo sapiens or humans. Humans can feel emotions because of how our brain functions, the experiences we just went through,and the choices we made to get to the experience, and that’s why we are considered humans.
The way our brain functions is what makes us human. Our brain makes up 2% of our body, but it is unquestionably the most important percent and part of our body. Our brain, even though it is so little, is made up of multiple parts. One piece of our brain is called the limbic system.
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When you go through experiences in life you feel emotions. These emotions can interfere with, impact, and even influence your actions. For Example, in The Adoration Of Jenna Fox. Jenna's parents went through an experience where they got overwhelmed with emotion because Jenna continued to get worse in the hospital, so they decided to take matters into their own hands, and they made Jenna a robot and they took Jenna's Humanity away from her by doing that. On page 212 Pearson writes, “ Jenna n. 1. Coward. 2. Possibly human. 3. Maybe not. 4. Definitely illegal.” We should not have the power to purposely or possibly bring pain to another person, so we can feel better. Our experiences are so important to us because it makes us human and helps us keep our humanity. If we were to give up are feeling, seeing, and hearing the beauty of life we wouldn't be human anymore, because seeing the marvelous and atrocious possessions in the world gives us humanity because it helps us define our choices from right or wrong, so experiences is another possession that we have that makes us

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