Essay On Why We Should Have Open Lunch In School

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The reasons we should have open lunch is because the lunchroom would be less crowded we could have one lunch period for all students, the kids are cooped up in classrooms for seven hours a day so it would give them a chance to get out for a little, and the final reason is that it gives kids a chance to have and learn about responsibilities. School lunch may not seem like a big deal, but for high school kids lunch could make or break their day. Open lunch is not an option here at Scott Community High School, and it hasn’t been for as long as I can remember. Open lunch would benefit our school because I feel like if we were able to go home, we could have more nutritional options. Going back to the first reason, I personally know that the majority of the student body would go home for lunch, if the opportunity was available. This being, there would be more room in the cafeteria and we could fit most, if not all the students into one lunch period. This would shorten the school day by about an hour, yet all of the classes for the day have been complete. Open lunch would make the lunch hour longer, and would be a pro for the students. It would give them a chance to finish homework…show more content…
The open lunch idea would give a chance for kids to take a break and go out for some fresh air and forget about school for an hour, to get something to eat, go to restaurants, go home, and even do some homework. Throughout the day, kids get more and more irritable, making teaching and learning hard for students. I think that students should be able to stay at school for lunch or go home for lunch. Open lunch would benefit as well, the teachers and staff because they also need a break. This time would let the teacher put in grades, catch up on grading, and give them a breather as well, they would have this time because the lunch hour would be a whole hour, not just twenty-five
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