Essay On Why We Should Start Later In School

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The number one problem in Pilot Grove Schools is that we have to be in school for too long. Some kids have to get up early for practices like, for sports or they have special chores in the morning to do with things like livestock or household chores. Another reason is that if the kids have homework, they need some extra time to do it or some extra time to email a teacher for help. Pilot Grove Schools should start later and end earlier because some universities in Belgium ran tests to see if the kids had better test scores and better grades with more sleep, and they did. We go to school for too long and we should change that, ( says that “kids with more sleep are less restless and pay attention more.” We stay in school for about 8 hours a day and that should be changed. Some kids have other things to do after school and some extra time would be nice. With less hours in school, teachers and kids could go home even earlier. Lastly, Some kids have jobs that they go to after school and then they could work more hours and they could make more money. Consequently, if…show more content…
We should start school later. We should finish school later ( like starting at 9am and ending at around 2pm) so we can get some things done at home. The reason we should do this is because, some kids have special responsibilities at home like livestock or chores and they would like to have some extra time to do them. In conclusion, We should change the hours of Pilot Grove Schools because some kids would like to sleep more. With that, most of the kids test scores should rise. Also with that extra time, most of the kids would have extra time to do extra activities like sports at school or household things like
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