Disadvantages Of Women In Military

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We believe that women in our religion and culture have a much more important role in the community other than joining the military. The military is one of the most difficult and cruel fields. It is also not the most suitable field for a woman due to her physical nature, psychology and social reasons. Physical conditions are one of the main reasons why females refuse to join the army. While the dominant part of occupations in the military are open similarly to men and female, there are some to which women are simply not physically suited. The external stimuli in the military can lead women to several psychological health problems such as, the pressures of work and extreme rigor of pre-placed officials, tension and anxiety. Another important factor is the menstrual cycle of women that may have a
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Moreover, the successful feminism movement in the U.S has been targeting as one of its primary goals to achieve equality for women in the military (Berlatsky, 2013). However, women must be diverted from entering the military because of the difficulties and risks which can face them in this field. In addition, Women play a more significant role socially. Therefore, men and women achieved equality in many areas. However, this equality should not be the reason behind endangering the safety and well-being of women. To conclude, Preventing women from entering the military is a good decision to protect their physical nature, psychology and social wellbeing. Furthermore, the goal of preventing women from working in military domain is to protect her and provide a comfortable and dignified life to her, away from dangerous situations that can be placed in and disgusting scenes that are hard to miss in wars. Equality between men and women should be implemented in a positive way, rather than in cases where equality could harm
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