Persuasive Essay: Why People Don T Vote

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Voting people don't vote because it is too much of a responsibility. For a young person to choose a leader in America is something that is very difficult. . A lot of the media only shows the bad aspects of the candidates that are running for president young people need more time and more information to choose their leaders. The young people of America do not have time to research and take the time out of their day to go and vote because of college and many other responsibilities students do not have the time to go out of their way to go vote a lot of people take classes and the time to vote is not there. I'm a young person and I choose to not go because I think the process the whole is too hard and I don't know who to believe when there is an a good choice for candidates for America's future depends on on the young people of America also just of the adults do. In November students are in college working part…show more content…
they are constantly watching the media whatever the media this place is whoever they are going to vote for. you're always on Facebook like I am and you're always going to see those videos that's a bad things about the good candidate like Bernie Sanders or if not when they say negative things about Hillary or any of the other positive candidates that are good for our country. we do not have time to go research our candidate if we see a video of the house negativity about the candidate we are going to go about that information and judge them based on the video voting was as easy as it is simple online survey and maybe young people might vote but the media makes people not want to vote because of the negativity that they display. Over the years we've seen media always bring down each party. TV commercials always show the negative things that Republicans or Democrats do the nation. How can we choose a party that can bring back jobs or do good things for our
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