Essay On Why Zoos Should Be Abolished

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SLAM! An innocent lion cub is taken from his habitat and thrown into a cage. When he exits, the lion is tossed into some small, fenced in prison where he’ll spend the rest of his life in agony. Zoos are places that hold animals captive for the viewing pleasure of humankind. People don’t think much of it, but animals are taken from their natural habitats and placed in unsafe conditions, which is a cause of endangerment and eventually, extinction. Currently, there are about 10,000 zoos worldwide! The large number of animals held captive is surprising but the amount of healthy animals that die in zoos every year is insane! Zoos should be abolished. Zoos show children that humans change and control nature. Humans capture and hold innocent animals for our viewing pleasure. Zoos can never be a proper substitute for animal habitats. First, at a zoo, children may find animals in fake, nature decorated cages. This may lead them to believe that animals can be taken from their natural habitats and still be able to survive. This is not the case, though, because animals need their specific environment and living conditions to thrive or even just survive. As stated in Opposing Viewpoints,“They demonstrate that if an irreplaceable natural habitat is destroyed by our…show more content…
Zoos should be banned. Zoos symbolize humans attempting to change nature. Animals are held captive in prisons for people’s entertainment. A zoo could never be close enough to a natural environment. You can make the change. Next time you visit a zoo, aware the visitors and workers of the suffering animals. Make a website or find another way to spread the information and topic. Research the statistics and note interesting facts from scientific studies. Lastly, volunteer at a animal safety group and learn more about how zoos are affecting

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