Essay On Wildfires

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Capable of destroying forests, homes, and critical infrastructure, wildfires pose an increasing threat to countless Americans. Across the country, the number, severity, and duration of wildfires has increased in recent years. Additionally, human development into areas susceptible to wildfires, known as wildland-urban interface areas, has also increased. These areas pose not only an increased risk to individuals living in them, but also to the firefighter’s tasked with protecting them. As a direct result of both upward trends in wildfire severity and an increasing population of citizens inhabiting wildland-urban interface areas, an increasing effort has been put forth by a number of local, state, and government agencies to control and manage wildfires. Additionally, these agencies have…show more content…
• Most wood fires will spread slowly to moderately. • Average fire intensity will be moderate except in heavy concentrations of fuel, which may burn hot. • Fires are still not likely to become serious and are often easy to control. High Yellow • Fires can start easily from most accidental causes. • Small fuels, such as grasses and needles, will ignite readily. • Unattended campfires and brush fires will rapidly escape. • Fires will spread easily, with some areas of high-intensity burning on slopes or in areas of concentrated fuels. • Fires can become serious and difficult to control unless they are put out while they are still small. Very High Orange • Fires will start easily from most causes. • Fires will spread rapidly and increase in intensity quickly after ignition. • Small fires can quickly become large fires and exhibit extreme fire behavior. • Fires will be difficult to control and will often become much larger and longer-lasting. Extreme Red • Fires of all types start quickly and burn intensely. • All fires are potentially serious and can spread very quickly with intense
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