Essay On Wildlife Biology

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The Career of Wildlife Biology and Zoology “I believe that education is all about being excited about something. Seeing passion and enthusiasm helps push an educational message” -Steve Irwin. Choosing a career can be a difficult task for anyone. The final choice of career can be based off a multitude of variables. Wildlife biology has many variables like any other career, but what are these variables and why are they important?
Wildlife biology can become a lifelong adventure filled with learning and new experiences around each and every corner. There are many aspects to becoming a wildlife biologist including education, salary and perks, training and branches, description and much more. Education is a key part of any job, but what path a person takes can vary dramatically depending on the career at hand. Wildlife Biology involves multiple courses high school and college. Courses available in high school for an aspiring
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offer the majors and minors you will need to become a wildlife biologist/ zoologist, but only a few are considered the top three. Texas A&M stands at number three offering a wide variety of minors and majors. The number two spot holder is Oregon State University. Oregon State University offers many courses, minors, and majors for the aspiring wildlife biologist. Taking the number one spot for the best colleges for aspiring wildlife biologist/ zoologist is Colorado State University. Colorado State University has all of the courses a student will need to become a wildlife biologist/zoologist you have always wanted to be. While one should always do the job they enjoy, money plays an important role in choosing a career. Like many other jobs, wildlife biology salary depends on where one stands within the chain of command. Obviously, the higher position is the higher the salary. Top of the chain wildlife biologist often gets paid an average of $77,590 per year. The pay for the average wildlife
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