The Importance Of Wildlife Farming

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Speaker 1: Pranav Gona (researched Question #2) Class :#212
Speaker 2: Maya Ashok (researched Question #1) Class :#203

Question 1: What’s more important, growing food or protecting our wildlife?
Ithink that protecting our wildlife is more important than growing food on Earth. The reason why we need to protect our wildlife is that even though farming has become an essential part of our lives, the lives of wildlife around the world are even more important if we want to live. However, humans’ need for the use of farming to get the food they need makes it really hard to prevent activities like wildlife farming. That is why we need to find ways to try and balance our need for food and our need to protect wildlife. There are many ways that farming affects wildlife such as; overexploitation, agriculture, air pollution, deforestation, water pollution, monocultures, fossil fuels, and carbon emissions. If all these things are caused just because of farming, that makes it even
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The reasons that the article lists are air pollution, deforestation, water pollution, monocultures, and fossil fuels plus carbon emissions. All of these things affect wildlife just because of farming and agriculture. Air pollution releases harmful gases into the atmosphere and water pollution contaminates water with agricultural runoff. Also the article talks about how deforestation is done to make more space for crops as well as monocultures being used in fields. An interesting statement in this article is, “... factory farming has wrought economic problems, public health concerns, inhumane conditions for billions of animals, and a huge carbon debt on the world’s agricultural system.” This means that factory farming doesn’t only affect wildlife, it affects us too. In short, I liked this article because it effectively described the different ways that factory farming can be

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