Essay On Willy Denial In Death Of A Salesman

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The “Death of a Salesman” is a tragedy play that portrays the last days of the main character Willy Loman. The play revolves around Willy actions and the other character’s reaction towards him. Willy relations with other people would bring out his emotions and inspiration. The story merges the past and the present demonstrating the lies and denials that Willy and his family have. Willy Loman failure results too his delusions and his downfall. The members of the Loman family are living in denial. They have denial towards themselves and others. In the story, I feel that Willy is the main one who is stuck in denial, because of his lost identity, and his pride. For example, Willy’s much loved memory of his son Biff last football game. He brags…show more content…
“The facts and fictions of Willy’s history become tangled with his current situation because he is forced to confront the many failures, he has fobbed off previously through lying, both to his family and to himself. Willy is unable to reconcile his past and present”( Klimchak). Because of Willy’s idea of success and his pride leads to his breakdown. Throughout the story I felt that Willy is fighting his self which resulted in the suffering of others around him making him also the antagonist in the play. Willy would also be known as the round character because of his role in the play and a tragic hero because of his self-importance. Willy wife Linda Loman attempts to protect Willy’s emotions and his thoughts. She does not know about Willy work and his mistress. She is blind when it comes to Willy which is mainly why she defends his behavior. She took care of the family through her husband poor attempts at success, and her emotional support helped Willy until his final downfall. With Willy long years of obsession with the American Dream leads him and Linda to struggle to pay their bills. She would be the flat character, because she does not change throughout the
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