Essay On Wind Energy

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For many years now, it has been debated which of the new and upcoming renewable and sustainable energy sources if the best to use. Energy create from wind, is a very favourable contented in this debate as it is a very good alternative energy source. Wind energy is used all around the world. Humanity has been using wind energy for over 100 years. For example, we used to (some still do) use the wind energy to grind grain in old fashioned wind mills.. Nowadays, we usually use the newer term called “wind turbine”.1 About four percent of the energy created in the United States comes from wind energy,2 and over 100 countries are now following in this trend and produce energy through the use of wind. This not only shows that a wind energy has great potential in the future, but also how popular it already is. It can be said that the more countries there are that using wind energy the better it is for our world. It is better because wind energy is a sustainable energy source.3
Looking back already at around 1000 AD wind power used and spread around northern Europe, starting with Holland. In 1850 the first company was created which started building wind mills because of the already then
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What happens is that since the air on the land takes less time to heat up than the air on the ocean, the warm air on the land starts to rise and expand. As the warm air rises the cold air flows into its place as, hence creating a flow of air, which is wind. During the night the opposite happens. The air on the land cools down faster than the air on the water, the same process occurs and wind is again created, meaning that a wind turbine can be used day and night. The only necessary condition for wind turbines to work is that there is wind, which turns the blades. However, the even more important conditions is the energy from the sun as solar energy is what heats up the air during the
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