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World’s top wine tourism destinations: Wine tourism destinations are those destinations that fascinate the maximum number of tourists with their destination attributes. The following destinations below are the world’s best wine tourism destination. • USA • South Africa • Canada • Australia • New Zealand • Latin America • France • Italy Wine and Tourism: THE LINK Wine tourism has been a very significant and important component for both, the wine and tourism industries. Earlier for years, both the wine and tourism industry were intimately connected. It is now that this connection has been recognized by governments, researches and the industries themselves.  Personal Opinion In the case of tourism industry, wine is an important component of attracting a destination for tourists and also can be a major motivating factor for them. Whereas, in the case of wine industry, wine…show more content…
For many centuries not even wine merchants travelled, but today the general public deliberately make expeditions to explore a wine region or regions. This is moderately a reflection of the increased interest in both wine and foreign travel generally, but also because most wine regions and many producers premises are attractive places. Vineyards tend to be visually pleasing in any case, and the sort of climate in which wine is generally produced is agreeable during most of the year South Africa’s wine tourism has been the best and the most developed wine industry by International Wine Review, one of the world’s most influential opinion formers on wine. Wine tourism is growing fast worldwide and also plays a very important role in South Africa. The country’s reputation for making high-quality wine is centuries old, but has as its irresistible reds. The world had largely forgotten it by the time apartheid ended some two decades ago. But since then, the industry has modernized. Today, South African wine is the best known all over the

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