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Do we give kids too many trophies?

Winners should win and losers should lose. There is no middle ground in winning and losing. Kids these days are being rewarded just for going out for a sport or school activity. I agree that it’s okay to tell them good job or try again next time, but it isn’t fair to those who won the activity if those who lost are also awarded a prize. After studying whether children should be rewarded for losing, it is clear that people who think it is okay to give awards to losing teams should take a second look at the effects it has on children. Awarding losing teams has a bad effect on a person’s future and how they deal with hardships in life, it also rewards the wrong team, and it costs too much to award all
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They all deserve the right to get something for doing something. If people want their child to go out for a sport and get something in return, they can count on that, they are already winners. If kids know that they are going to be getting a winning trophy or a participating award, more kids will go out because they would be playing for something not just losing and not getting anything in return.(Zadrozny) Showing up, having a good time and socializing is winning so kids should be awarded for that. It boosts their self-esteem and appreciation for sports. Also when children lose an activity or sporting event, they get upset and not happy(Winning isn’t Everything). Giving children trophies for those who lost, make them feel good about themselves. It doesn’t make them feel like they didn’t do a good job, it makes them feel like they tried their best and got a reward for it. Lastly, all trophies don’t have to be made out of expensive equipment. Not all trophies are made out of gold, silver or the good stuff. Awards and trophies can mean the same thing just made differently. If they are made out of paper, or plastic, or ribbon it will cost less so that everybody can have an award with no
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