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anuary 2017 has already started in Pakistan and the winter season is still rather mild in most areas. In fact, the weather seems more or less the same as in early October of the last year.

Many are wondering whether this is just an anomaly or will this become a permanent feature for Pakistan’s weather from now on. Farmers, rural areas, urban areas, towns, cities – you name it. Everyone is concerned since it seems like climate change has been affecting weather patterns on a global scale.

Today we will be looking at these questions:

Is climate change playing havoc with Pakistan’s weather?
How did it affect the weather in the country last year?
What are the reasons behind Pakistan’s change in weather this year?
The answer to the first question
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December-January period usually comprises of regular rainfall with the temperatures dropping below 0 in most areas of Punjab, KPK, Balochistan and the northern areas including Azad Kashmir.

What’s more astonishing is that snowfall has also been scarce in the northern areas of Pakistan.

Temperatures in Islamabad haven’t dropped below 5 degrees Celsius. Similarly, the difference between maximum and minimum temperatures in Pakistan has been higher than usual. For example, in Lahore, the temperature difference has been about 13 degrees Celsius this winter compared to 7 degrees Celsius last year.

The day times are unusually warmer this year. Similar weather patterns have been reported in Karachi which hasn’t witnessed rains in months and temperatures have been so high that it still feels like late summer in the country’s biggest city, save for the occasional cold winter night or two here and there.

Why is this happening? We take a look at 3 reasons why:

Warm Weather Phenomena in Pakistan

Pakistan’s meteorological department has also confirmed that sudden weather changes are the cause of this climate phenomenon in

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