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Winter sports in Iran
Iran's geography and topography helped it to be an ideal destination for winter sports lovers. Iran has very has very boundless space of mountains around the country of mountain tops which let the skiing industry and other winter sports activates to developed in the modern history (The Holborn 2013)
The highest mountain in Iran is Damavand with 5,610 meters peak which makes it the highest mountain in Middle East and the highest volcano in Asia (Persia Port 2015).
The 2nd highest mountain in Iran is Kholeno with 4,375 meters peak in the heart of the Central Alborz Mountains of northern Iran (Nader 2007).
The northwest region is the ideal region to practice winter sports in Iran, with very cold winter with heavy snowfall and subfreezing temperatures during
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The different types of skiing techniques such as Acroski , Alpine skiing, Biathlon, Freestyle, Skiboarding and Skibob.
Snowboarding is a recreational activity and Olympic sport that involves descending a slope that is covered with snow while standing on a snowboard attached to a rider's feet.
Mountain climbing or Mountaineering is kind of winter sports which is very popular among tourists and local people of Iran. Damavand is one of the most popular destinations of this activity in the country (Skitour Damavand Iran 2013).
Participating in Winter Olympic Games:
Iran had participated in Winter Olympic Games many times starting from 1956. In 1956 the Winter Olympics was held in Cortina d'Ampezzo, Italy ,Iran was presented by three Alpine skiing men athletes and four officials (The Italian Olympic Committee 1956).
In 1964 Winter Olympic Games was held in Innsbruck, Austria, Iran was presented by four Alpine skiing men athletes and two officials (Absolon et al.
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