Essay On Wireless Communication

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Wireless communication simply means the communication of data without using any wires. Wireless communication involves transmission of data from one place to another without using any wires or cables or any kind of electrical wiring. Wireless communication is the large term that includes all the ways and forms of connecting and communicating between more than two or two devices using a wireless signal through wireless communication technologies and devices.
The evolution of wireless technologies has brought many advanced changes with its features. the distance of transmission can be anywhere from few meters to thousands of kilometers, wireless communication can be used for cell phones, wireless access to internet, wireless home networking, and so on. It changed the
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WHAT ARE INFRARED AND MILLIMETER WAVES?:- It is widely used for short range communication, it is not able to pass through walls or buildings or solid objects, it is used for indoor wireless LANs, it cannot be used for outdoors.

WHAT IS LIGHT WAVE TRANSMISSION?:- It uses wireless/unguided optical signals such as laser, it moves in a single direction i.e. it is unidirectional, it can be installed easily, no license is required for installation.

PROBLEMS:- It is unable to penetrate thick fog or rain, laser beams used in it can be easily diverted by the air.


• Individuals can work and access internet anywhere and anytime without carrying any cables or wires, anywhere there go.
• It helps to complete the work anywhere on time, it improves productivity.
• It is a solution in the areas where installation of the cables are not possible.
• It is cheaper to install and
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