Essay On Wireless Thermostat

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ACKNOWLEDGMENT Grateful to Allah S.W.T. and His Messenger, Muhammad S.A.W. as facilitating all matters throughout the research. Utmost gratitude and appreciation to those who have been directly or indirectly involved in this research. In particular we would like to extend special thanks to : • Dr. Ahmad Nazrul bin Rosli, deputy dean of the faculty of science and technology and also lecturer of waves and vibrations for the advice and guidance during the research. • All of our friends and parents for their continued support and cooperation during the research. Finally, we are grateful to all who cooperated in the research. We highly appreciated your cooperation. ABSTRACT Residential thermostat is a device that capable to controlling a part of bot fuel and electrical energy. Most of users install the thermostat in their homes to save energy consumption. However, the new study found that households with the thermostat use more energy than manually controlled. This is because. The situation is depends on how they use the thermostat. At the same time, the thermostat is undergoing a dramatic increase in capability ad features including ventilation control, how thermostat interact with home network. This issue justify a review of the…show more content…
Indeed, wireless thermostats come with a variety of features and customizable settings. This may come in handy for people who want to check the weather in the morning prior to getting ready. It is also handy for people who would otherwise need an atomic clock with outdoor data because a wireless thermostat can bring time, indoor, and outdoor conditions into place that can access easily. Many wireless thermostats come with at least one remote control. Some thermostats come with multiple remotes. This is important because it allows people to adjust the temperature without going to the thermostat and messing with the
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