Essay On Wisdom In The 21st Century

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The 21st century is thought to be the era of change and advances, but thats not whats really happening. There are many major problems in the 21st century 's children and students. Which James Martin ouches base on in his book “The Meaning of the 21st Century”. One of which being the lack of wisdom and the abundance of skill in today 's children. The gap between skill and wisdom will be an issue we must solve in the near future because kids aren’t able to apply their skills, for example, knowledge in math, to day to day tasks, and they don’t have any common sense or wisdom to get them through life 's hard times, but we can solve it by teaching children about morals, applying problems to real life, and giving real answers to their many questions, not “just because”…show more content…
He believes that we aren 't thinking far enough into the future to have the ability to change it. One of these major conflicts we face is the huge gap between skills and wisdom. “Science and technology are accelerating furiously, but wisdom is not.” (Martin). We have the technology and the materials to learn many new skills at a rapid pace, but without wisdom theses skills will be rendered useless. We learn many theoretical problems throughout our schooling, only to use them to pass the test, or to graduate, but we aren 't able to apply these lessons to our lives after graduation. These complicated word problems and odd equations just sit in the back of our heads to collect dust once we become adults. We have the skills to comprehend them and solve them, but we don’t need useless information, we need information we can use throughout our lives. Wisdom is often overlooked in schooling it 's just something teachers, or professors expect us to have already grasped, but without any prior knowledge this is impossible. These students are asking questions, they 're hungry for answers, but when the only answers they get are “just
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