Japanese Internment Camps Essay

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There were plenty of Witch Hunts throughout the history of the world; from the Holocaust and the KKK. All of the Witch Hunts have something in common, for example the killing of people and humiliation of innocent people. Witch Hunts are related all around the world because they can occur at whatever time in a small or large scale. For example,127,000 US citizens form Japanese Decedent were relocated in 1942 and were forced to move to interment camps but not only did the US put Japanese in camps but so did Canada, and it places 23,000 Canadians that have or are Japanese Decedents and all of this Japanese Canadian were sent to the camps. The survivors of these camps were paid 20,000 each one in reparations for what they suffered in the camps…show more content…
So because of these fears President Roosevelt ordered all the Japanese Americans to be detained and put in Internment camps in February of 1942 throughout the whole War. There were ten camps in the western parts of the states, and one camp in Colorado. Japanese Americans were forced to give up their homes, jobs and personal items and weren't set free until January 2, 1945 . In 1988 each survivor of the Camps was given money for compensation from the government. Internment Camps were sort of like witch hunts because people were making judgments on their fellow citizens based on what they thought might happen, ancestry and what people looked like as well. This happened because the Americans were frightened for their country, family and way of lie, so they thought that they would be safer if the Japanese weren’t free. The Japanese Internment Camps were very similar to the Salem witch Trails because neither the accused “witches” or the Japanese Americans weren’t given the opportunity to defend themselves against persecutions. The Japanese were forced to go to these camps regardless of whether they were born in Japan or the US. They were presumed guilty of being a threat instead of being presumed
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