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In the novel, Without a Word, by Jill Kelly, displays unconditional love that changes one 's world. Jill Kelly tells the story of her son named Hunter who was diagnosed with a fatal genetic disease called Krabbe Leukodystrophy. This put the Kelly family on an unexpected journey to find hope. In this work Mrs. Kelly writes every step of Hunter 's life and the impact he had on his family not knowing how long he would live. Hunter James Kelly was known for his bravery that taught others to be bold through his life from February 14, 1997-August 5, 2005. Is the brokenness of losing a child possible to overcome? This book isn 't about death, but rather, it 's about life and how to live.
Seeking for guidance through life 's oppositions sets a brighter future ahead. Mrs. Kelly realizes the hope she 's looking for is displayed in a broader
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As Jill sat by the pool, her mother walks out the door to call her inside for lunch, and the mother states… “‘Turn around, Jill. You’re not going to believe this.’ ‘When I turned and looked up, there, in the middle of the beautiful blue sky, was the letter H in the clouds’” (Kelly 152). The Letter in the sky showed the significance of unexpected grace that renewed one 's heart to have peace and joy. It wasn 't a reminder lost, but rather, it showed love to strive for in life. The reader is shown by Mrs. Kelly that sadness and grief is only temporary to those who overcome adversity. “At that defining moment, I determined in my heart not to grieve like the rest of men, who have no hope” (Kelly 154). When one realizes their hope lies in the future, and not through grieving about the past it gives them a freedom through hardships. It 's not about how one can dodge difficulties, but how one defeats the path of darkness. Adversity builds character in a person to persevere, and to know life is worth so
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