Essay On Wolf Population

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How would you feel to have your dog or your cat to be gone all of a sudden and him never coming back? The wolf population is rising and we should be able to hunt the wolves and be able to regulate their population. Wolves have been around for millions of years and our ancestors were able to hunt them so why can’t we? Wolves can be very dangerous especially when it comes to baby livestock when they aren’t able to protect themselves. Wolves are getting less and less fearful of humans and are moving closer to towns. The debate about killing wolves has been controversial a lot in the past couple of years. Although many citizens don’t want the wolves to be killed because, there isn’t a tremendous amount of them and they were almost extinct in 1930(Zhang). There is many farmers that need the wolf population to be regulated because the…show more content…
The wolf population has risen in the last couple reasons for many reasons. One of the reasons is they are rising because of not being hunted and nothing happening to them. Another reason is the deer population is rising which leads to more wolves and with more wolves there is a higher rate of livestock killed. With more wolves in an area there is less habitat for them so they have to travel out and find new area to live. Now that there is less habitats they are traveling closer to cities and are getting comfortable with humans. Now that there is more wolves, there needs to be more food and there isn’t enough deer or rodents so the wolves go for the livestock. Also with the wolf population rising that means there is a decrease in the deer population witch upsets many hunters. Since wolves were almost extinct in the 1930s there population has only rose and is getting bigger every single year (Zhang). Now that the population had rose a great amount since then a lot of hunters and farmers think that we should be able to hunt them and regulate their
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