Essay On Women Equality

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The world has definitely made a few giant steps towards gender equality. Many might think that feminism is a thing of the past and we don't need it anymore. After all, women can now vote are in management positions in politics and the wage gap is barely noticeable. And it's true, women do have more social, economic and political rights than ever before, but this is where the mind process about feminism usually comes to an end. Women are not oppressed anymore, move on. But what about the side effects of gender inequality that women face on a daily basis? Or women living in developing countries who are still being forced to deal with female genital mutilation and fight for basic rights such as education. Let us not forget that feminism does not…show more content…
It means you know women deserve equal rights. And as we mentioned examples of sexism women in developed countries experience, in most developing countries women are deprived of even basic human rights. In some countries, religion or tradition is used as an obstacle for equal rights. For example, the Bangladesh government tried to shield themselves behind laws to deny women of equal rights, as it was reported by Inter Press Service. Another example is honor killings directed at women in Pakistan, which were carried out for just the smallest reason. Not to mention female genital mutilation, also known as female circumcision, which is found in most of African countries and elsewhere in Asia, the Middle East, and among some communities around the world. This practice is based on gender inequality, an attempt by patriarchal hierarchy to dominate over women's sexuality. There have been many efforts ever since the '70s to convince practitioners to abandon the practice, FGM has also been recognised as a human-rights violation that damages women's health. Hence, great improvement has been achieved but there are still a lot of battles to be won. Especially those, based on inequality in education, feminization of poverty and wage gap, which still present a major
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