Essay On Women In Advertising

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Advertising is an over 100 billion dollar a year industry which affects all of us throughout our lives. We are each exposed to over 2000 ads a day. and the influence of ads through language and visuals is quick, cumulative, and subconscious. (close your eyes...think about how you got here this morning...) ads sell more than products. they sell values, concepts of love and sexuality, success and worth, popularity and most importantly normalcy. to a great extent they tell us who we are and who we should be. but nowadays the media shapes the cultures sense on what is ‘ideal’ within society and so: image of women in advertising is worse than ever before. they’ve created a type of women based on
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photoshop before and after (celebs before and after-made smaller, bust) some celebrities do resist, staying honest & proud over their bodies but its quite rare darker women; rihannas/beyonces faces are lightened in ads this whole thing also affects how men believe real women are supposed to look like since they're so fixated and attracted to the ones in the adverts the objectification of women is evident in our society, where women are constantly viewed as sexual objects they are thus threatened of sexual harassment, violence, intimidation and danger. the effect visually reduces a woman to a body, or in some cases, to parts of her body, as if shes not a real, whole person. a definition of objection is:"portrayal of women in ways which suggest that women are objects to be looked viewed at, ogled, even touched, or used, anonymous things or commodities perhaps to be purchased, perhaps taken - and once tired of, discarded & often times replaced by a newer, younger edition; so they're definitely not treated fully as human beings with equal rights and needs(eg:pics)

dismembered ads focus on 1 part of the female body for the purpose of selling a product. their bodies are not only dismembered but are also insulted using
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