Military Combat Arguments

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Imagine a scenario where men and women fight alongside each other in military combat, with no gender barrier separating them. Bullets fly from each side and women are able to prove their capabilities in war. The Declaration of Independence states only that “all men are created equal,” and the Constitution gives equal protection to any human. But nowhere does it say that men and women should be discriminated against according to their “physical stereotypes.” Without officially recognizing women’s role in combat, they they are given injustice and are discriminated by not being eligible for high end positions in the U.S. military like men are. In January 2013, the military made a changing decision to recognize women’s experience in combat for…show more content…
Elaine Donnelly claims that “Women lose more duty time due to medical issues, including pregnancy. Theiry absence may be disruptive in combat units, where concentration and mutual trust are essential for survival” (Source B). However, this claim is not true most of the time because women in the military are less likely to become pregnant unexpectedly. According to the U.S. Army Medical Department, changes have been made in the last few years so that all military women who enlist “must have a positive pregnancy result documented by a healthcare provider/lab” (Carl R. Darnall Army Medical Center). The significantly lowers the chance of unexpected pregnancy and other medical problems for women serving in the military. Women and men are both specifically trained in the army avoid injuries and recover themselves quickly if they get an injury so disruption between female soldiers is minimal. Otherwise, men and women are equally vulnerable for combat dangers, as a bullet from an Mk 14 Rifle can be fatal to any soldier, whether it be a man or woman. All in all, changes in enlisting have been made to lower the chance of a woman facing unexpected health problems, and women and men can equally be in danger of enemies because a weapon will destroy any human
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