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In this topic we try to find out very briefly enrollment of women in higher education and their employment in India. Education is one of the important tool for social economic mobility and a key instrument for building and equitable as well as egalitarian society; especially in reference to women it plays a vital role, its act like transforming instrument for any individual and women are not exception to that. But we found gender discrimination in enrolment in field of education and this discrimination widen in higher education. Statistics shows that women enrollment is very low in comparison to male enrollment in higher education in South Asian countries. Even in India it also reflects very poor ratio of female enrollment in higher education.…show more content…
In this period male literacy rate also low, but some male people were going to school. Female education was formal and largely limited to practical matters. Women done the only family work and participate in religious works. They don't participate in the educational sector. The British has also supported boys' school there was little interest in the education of girls because women done only domestic work, but British wants education for the man they work as a clerk and many other British government works. After Charter act 1853 in first time British government was made women's education and financial development. They established many schools for women's education and training school for women teacher. But after 1857 revolt education of women was, therefore, slow to expand and not much could be achieved till 1870. We can referred nineteenth century as an age of women, for all over the world their rights and wrongs, their nature, capacities and potential were the subject of heated discussion. In Europe feminist consciousness began spreading during and after the French Revolution, and by the end of century there feminist ideas spread across the world the women question came in India with British. Than Indian social reformers are starting work for the women's education and they made many schools for girls' education and in this time women enrollment increase. The colonial government,…show more content…
• To understand that how education can role play in socio-political awareness to weaker sections;
• To analyses that how education has key elements to advancement for women.
• To discuss the central challenges before education to ensuring Social justice

• The purpose study will be used analytical and descriptive method. I used manly secondary data books, library catalogue, article, journals, and many websites informative data.
• I collect the data from UGC, UNESCO, UNICEF, and World Bank.
• In order to try to take a holistic and statistical picture of the current report and data of female students and higher education.
• The secondary data was used by obtaining and analysing through percentage, tabulation and graphs.
Need of women Education-
Education is the basic need of all human beings and under the Indian constitution education is the fundamental rights.
• If women are more educated, they know and ask his rights of education, health, shelter, food clothing etc.
• In science area include one chapter of rights of women and what benefit of higher education
• If they educated, they solve all discrimination problems and their judgement against equal

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