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A re women in sports still inferior to men? Let me answer that for you, very much so. For years women have been disregarded from sport entirely and no one seemed to bat an eye, along with the fact that women are not taken as seriously in majority of the major sporting franchises. Its mainly men that we see dominating the roles as sport icons or even adopted as role models to the next generation of athletes. That being said, where are all the females? Recently, I read an article on Forbes in regards to the prolonging issue titled “Will We Have The First Female U.S. President Before A Woman Is An NBA Head Coach?” written by Larissa Faw, which raised a lot of concerns into the involvement of women in the large scale basketball franchise of the NBA. It seems that the major positions are just not open to women.
The NBA is an association in the United States that governs the basketball league, however, there are very few women in the association. Why?
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The media coverage plays a crucial role in female sports and is a determinant as to how much athletes tend to make, so if the media don’t show women’s sports, how will there ever be gender equality in terms of prize money? “More than two-thirds said they could not make a living as a sportswomen” giving the impression that women are not being paid as fairly as men. Females are routinely paid less than males in most sports. This totally undermines the ideals of gender equality in the sporting world. Young females reading the article will reconsider becoming athletes, no matter how talented, due to the fact that two-thirds of the women currently in the sporting world are saying that it is hard to make a living as a sports

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