Essay On Women In The 1920s

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Advertisement and Media had significantly enhanced modernity and promoted consumerism, which evoked culture conflict in the 1920s. The nation after the great war turns into a celebratory party for the entire decade. Cities grow larger and technologies improved significantly. Lives and beliefs of those living in the cities and those from rural areas completely differ from each other. Conflicts between the new and the old had rose in the decade of prosperity.The new technology of mass production and advertisement encouraged consumerism in the time period. Advertisers used new techniques in selling their product by introducing an ideal and associating their products to the ideal. However, the ideal of the advertisements contradicted with the traditional…show more content…
Women established independence in the 1920s on the basis of their recently granted voting rights, and the more women are encouraged to vote, the more independent they become(Henretta 644).The term “Flappers” is often used to describe women living in the 1920s as the dress code for woman has completely changed from the victorian traditions("New"). In a coke advertising poster in the 1920s, the women in the image has short hair, painted nails and is in a sundress(“Let’s”). The celebratory background, her joyful expression and the cute panda doll give the audience the feeling that the woman lives with ease and has a good companion. Her appearance and the way she holds the hands of her companion suggests that she is not a household wife and to a family, but is instead, an independent individual seeking for romance. This impression of a delighted woman was the role model for women and also the ideal date for men. Associating Coke with this perfect impression helps with the commerce of coke, but the impression contradicts with the traditional gender role of a woman. Daisy Buchanan and Myrtle Wilson in The Great Gatsby are the ultimate representations of women in the 1920s. Women were in love with money, and husbands with money were great husbands. Under the prosperous environment, upper class women, who
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