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Life for women in 19th century was starting to look better. Industrial revolution gave women opportunity to become more independent. Women started fighting for rights and they wanted to be as equal as men. Women’s lives in 19th century improved in Europe by feminist movements, increase in education and new technology. Feminist Barbara Leigh-Smith Bodichon fought for women’s right to own property and change the laws of women’s marriage . Education, many women in early 19th century went to colleges like men. New technology developed in 19th century like telegraphs gave women jobs. Barbara Leigh-Smith Bodichon published Brief Summary in Plain Language of the Most Important Laws Concerning Women in 1854. In this document she talked about all…show more content…
Women were offended that they less education than men. They learned less and were trained to only be mothers. Everything changed in 19th century when women protested for education. “In 1854 Cheltenham Ladies college is founded in England”(Macdonald). Women started building schools for women with a little help from their father for money. More women were inspired to learn and write. More colleges were built. Women got the same amount of education men had. Women expanded this idea to younger women and built schools for them. “Governments provided free elementary education for girls”(Lambert). The first free secondary schools for girls was built in France. Many schools and colleges were built all across Europe just for women. In 1865, Zurich was an European University to admit women. Many teachers in these schools and colleges were mostly women. The main reason government accepted to build all these schools for women is because of the social reformers demands and protests for education. In the early 19th century church funded for schools but later on the government supported too. The support for education allowed women to compete against men. Many women participated in sport like tennis, croquet and biking. In the late 19th century women finally gained their right to

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