African American Women In The 1800's

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In the 1800’s, all women were being controlled under the supervision of their husbands, females did not have an voice until the 1890’s. Women throughout the 1800’s were expected to stay home moms to care for their children's. As Susan B. Anthony teaches us that women had the right to have an education of their own and gain a profession of their very own when she says the following quote “I declare to you that woman must not depend upon the protection of man, but must be taught to protect herself, and there I take my stand” - (Susan B Anthony). I agree with Susan B Anthony, I believe that women should have the courage to be able to learn many things and not letting men encouraging them failure. Some of the issues that women had to face during…show more content…
Many African Americans throughout the Gilded Age did not have the same educational status as white women. For the reason being of this is because many women were being mistreated just because the color of their skin. I believe that this was unfairly comparing to white women, all women should have been treated the same during the Gilded Age. During this time period, many colleges did not accept African American woman just for this purpose. They were known to be slaves, to be able to serve their master’s. And not allowed them to read and write, their owners were afraid that women will be able to gain knowledge. African American Women thought this was not right, so two African Americans private colleges started to form, to be able to open their doors for black women to provide educational. In 1884, two females decided to start a school that was known to be called, Baptist women's homes mission founded Spelman college in Atlanta, it was named after Laura Rockefeller. She supported their organization financially. Lucy C. Laney, an African American women who was one of the women who were able to graduate from Atlanta University that her class was all-black. African American colleges and University has grown overtime and many more black women were able to attend school. By 1912, In the United States, there were fourteen schools in the South and in the North, but a…show more content…
The success that occurred during the Gilded Age, were not so great, at first many women were not allow an education, but throughout time, many organizations open their doors to women, to be able to provide education opportunity to their communities. What I believe still has to be done is that many more colleges have to develop to assist many more women a proper education including: African American, Whites and Mexicans. By having a proper school system. Today this is still seen today, many women are being discrimination of the color of their skin, Today undocumented students, including men and women are being pushed away, for not being a US Citizen. These groups of student are fighting and protesting for their rights for an education. And being able, so the government could give them the same rights as a US Citizen.By reading chapter one, My thoughts towards this reading was interesting, how many women were treated throughout the Gilded Age. I believe that it was unfairly that women did not had the right to pursue an education of their own. This is why education was an a big role throughout the Gilded
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