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The Great Gatsby What do you know about “being in the shoes” of women in the 1920s ? The 19th amendment gained women the right to vote. With more freedom came fashion/style with flappers, skirts, hats, hairstyles and many more styles or fashion that started a movement. Following the roles of women after the war the result were sexually liberated. In the 1920s women succeeded well but not without some struggles. Along the way with 19th amendment being so hard for them gaining the right to vote, women’s roles seeing that there not good enough for other than housework and the fashion or style movement with being able not to express yourself the way you should. The 19th Amendment better known as the women’s suffrage era 1920 of the united states…show more content…
Surprisingly some women did not vote because a widespread attitude was that women’s roles and men’s roles did not overlap. Apparently women should concern themselves with home, children and religion while men took care of business and politics. The changing role of women was a result of the work they did during the war. Which is why women had many other talents then what they were “supposed” to know. Actually the number of working women increased by 25 percent. For the reason that women knew way more than they lead on to be. What the people didn't know was that women exceeded in politics, the home, the workplace, in education and many other thing including what men exceeded in. Proving that the women are just as good men are. “The day may be approaching when the whole world will recognize women as the equal of men,” (Anthony). On the other hand if the patterns reversed and men had to do what women did some of them would not be able to do the things women did. For example, house work, cooking and taking care of the children the right way. In conclusion women rose up and took control of themselves and didn’t let nobody tell them that they couldn’t do something.Even if it was a men's

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