Shoes Of Women In The 1920s Essay

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The Great Gatsby What do you know about “being in the shoes” of women in the 1920s ? The 19th amendment gained women the right to vote. With more freedom came fashion/style with flappers, skirts, hats, hairstyles and many more styles or fashion that started a movement. Following the roles of women after the war the result were sexually liberated. In the 1920s women succeeded well but not without some struggles. Along the way with 19th amendment being so hard for them gaining the right to vote, women’s roles seeing that there not good enough for other than housework and the fashion or style movement with being able not to express yourself the way you should. The 19th Amendment better known as the women’s suffrage era 1920 of the united states…show more content…
In the 1920s fashion was a movement of freedom with flappers, bobbed hairstyles and using art as a fashion statement. “Fashion should be stylish and fun,” (Twiggy). In any decade fashion was a way of saying something. One of the women’s careers was being in the fashion industry. Some of them set their lives as working on things to express themselves and other women. Fashion for women characterized the free spirited, the independence they gained about themselves and who they were, who they are. Also getting dressed as a women depended on many other things. For instance, what they were doing, the time they did it at and with who they were with. Fashion is way of many different attitudes and things its a easy way to let things out. Some people would say being a women in the 1920s was difficult and their right. Besides the point knowing that they grew stronger because of things like the 19th amendment, women’s roles, and fashion/style choices that still would make them incredible role models. Although there are negative people and the world is negative women stood up for what's right in the 1920s, because it's what they believed in and you should do the same

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