Essay On Women's Rights In The 1920s

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Women's rights 1920s Raising their voices to vote, receiving a higher education, and suffrage, they were all fought for by women during the 1920s. Throughout this time period women unified together and created a movement that was controversial towards the public, especially towards men because it was believed that women were men's property. Therefor women were seen as housewife, staying at home and serving in the household. Due to the rise of women raising their voices it made it a traumatic controversial towards men. At this time in the, men were shocked at that fact that women fought for their rights and a chance to use their voices more. ( Alchin, historama) It began in the decades before the civil war during the year 1845 though the 1920s. The Women’s Rights Movement marks July 13, 1848 as its beginning. Women began a movement, it was the first woman's rights convention occuring in Wesleyan Chapel in seneca falls in New York in the year of 1848. This convention was lead by Susan B Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton, it was able to lead to the women's rights movement in the 1900s. This lead, …show more content…

This time period known as women’s suffrage was one of the most controversial women’s rights issue in the late 1900s and 20th century. After women obtained the right to vote in the 1920s they started taking more active roles in the work industry. World war i and ii helped encourage them by entering the workforce, and they began by taking jobs in factories and more places to support the war. This was to show men that women were also capable of doing the exact same work as they did. As the war was coming to an end women came to a conclusion that when men would return from war women would leave the workforce. (Alchin,

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