Essay On Women's Rights In Ancient Athens

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Women had little to no rights in ancient Athens. If they were lucky and at best, they could learn how to read and write. Imagine a world where if you were a girl you had no say in what you did and when you did it. You would be looked down upon as nothing but a house keeper. This world was the world of Ancient Athens. Even the great city state of ancient Athens was still sexist. Women right’s in ancient Athens were completely wrong because of their lack of economic rights, education, and political rights.

Women in Ancient Athens had unfair economic rights. Women could not spend their money. They had no control over how they spent money. In the article “Women in ancient Athens”, the author says “A respectable woman’s main role in ancient Athens was to stay home, keep pretty, and bear children” to show that if women were expected to these things they surely couldn’t have been able to spend money or things like that. Women could not earn money. If a women was supposed to stay home and clean the house and knit, they wouldn’t have had been able
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Girls were taught to do simple tasks while men went to school and were taught how to fight. Mothers taught their daughters to sew and to clean, while the boys went to school starting at age 8 learning math and how to fight. Girls weren’t important in education. The article, “Education in Ancient Greece” said, “Girls did not go to school. They were taught at home by their mothers” to show that women didn’t have an importance in education. If there was a masterpiece made by a women it was a big deal because most women had very low education expectations. The article “Education of Women in Ancient Greece” says, “There can be little doubt of the educational accomplishments of the women of ancient Greece” to show that women had little education expectations. Women were thought of lesser than men in education because women could not go to school and learn to do important
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