Essay On Wood Turtle Research Paper

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The Wood Turtle
Keitan Chipperfield
Have you ever seen a wood turtle? You might have, but I’m sure you probably didn’t see more than one or two of them. This is because this kind of turtle is endangered. This kind of turtle has been endangered for many years now. Ever since the ice age, the turtles’ population has been going down. What can you do to help the wood turtle? In this paper, you will find out not only how to help the wood turtles, but more information about them too. Ever since the ice age, the wood turtle population has been going down. The wood turtle is a species of turtle that has orangish shoulders and is in the group called the genus glyptemys group. The only other turtle in this group with it is the bog turtle which is only about the size of your
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Wood turtles will almost always be found several inches from a stream because of the fact that they need the water to cool off. Although the wood turtle has to go into streams and rivers to cool off, it will also be found basking a lot of the time. After basking in the sun, the wood turtle’s body temperature is about 99°F.The male wood turtles are more aggressive than the female turtles are. Some of the things that the wood turtle became endangered from are, illegal collection, farming accidents, road traffic, and habitat destruction. The thing that puts them in most danger is habitat destruction. One of the other things that puts them in danger is raccoons. The raccoons come during the night and steal the turtle’s eggs, and then eat them. To help the wood turtle, people are restoring its habitat, nature centers are keeping a few of them, people are leaving them in the wild, and letting the government know if and where you saw one. The only reason nature centers are allowed to take a few of them in is because nature centers can build just the right habitat for the turtles and take care of them so that they will stay alive for
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