Essay On Work Life Balance

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This research study focuses on evaluating the role of working women in an organization and its impact on work life balance. Work life balance is important for women employees in order to manage their personal as well as professional life. Large number of banks in Rajasthan is using work life balance program. Main aim of this dissertation is to adopt Work life balance program in managing threats among women employees in the operations and human resource performance that ensures the safety within the organization.
1.1 Overview of work life balance:
Today work-life balance is playing an vital role in managing the working life of the people. Work life balance can be termed as giving proper priority to the work and personal life of the people. It is identified that work life balance expression was first used in United Kingdom in 1970. People have used this term to maintain proper separation between work and play. It deals with an employee’s ability to properly passionate between work and his or her social life, health, family, etc. There need to be proper balance between work and personal life of the employees. In case of women employees, work life balance plays an important role.
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Moreover, they realize that they are easily able to handle their family requirements as well as bank activities. Due to the rapid increase in market prices, it is necessary to earn for both men and women. Therefore, work life balance put positive as well as negative impact on the people. Some families have shifted from single earner to dual earner and mostly become single parent families. In the modern era, the phenomenon of women in the work place is closely tied to economic and social trends. Due to this reason, overall working environment of South East Rajasthan has been changed. The imbalance also has a negative impact in the personal life of the working
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